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Many of our clients come to us because of an out of control relationship with pornography. These individuals cannot stop their behaviors around pornography despite negative consequences. Because of its availability pornography has created an entire population of sex addicts who might otherwise have escaped the clutches of addiction.  And those with a previous sex addiction problem may find their behaviors magnified with cybersex, escalating into areas they might not otherwise have gone.

New York Pathways does not judge behaviors as "right" or "wrong." For many people, their first sexual experience is viewing pornography and masturbating. Many people can continue viewing pornography into adulthood, and it is not a problem for them. For others, however, it becomes a behavior that takes on a life of its own and causes very serious problems. If you are asking yourself if you have a problem with pornography, it may be an indication that it has indeed become a problem.

Can you relate to any of these statements or ideas?

  • I watch pornography longer than I intended
  • I keep my pornography activities a secret
  • I feel shame or guilt after viewing pornography
  • I don't have sex with my partner because pornography use
  • I watch pornography compulsively, sometimes when I don't want to
  • I avoid sexual relationships but I crave them
  • I am preoccupied about viewing or not viewing pornography
  • I have lost track of time while viewing pornography
  • My pornography viewing has interfered with my work
  • My pornography viewing has interfered with my iprelationships with family and friends

Pornography can be a pitfall because it is so abundant and easily accessible on the Internet. It is estimated that over 40 million people in the United States view pornography online. Over a third of all Internet downloads are pornography. Pornography viewing can feel anonymous and harmless, but it can have real and harmful consequences for many.

At New York Pathways, we have seen first-hand the negative and often devastating effects that pornography addiction can have. We have seen relationships deteriorate because the addict's life has become a life of lies, sneaking around, and covering up. The spouse or partner of the addict becomes despondent and hopeless. The addict no longer has intimate relations with his or her spouse or partner. An addict can caught downloading or viewing pornography at work, causing loss of employment. The addict's mental health suffers, and he or she can feel depressed or even suicidal.

We have treated hundreds of people addicted to pornography. There is hope. People recover and go on to live full, happy lives. Relationships that have been torn apart are rebuilt. Treatment at New York Pathways focuses on stopping the behavior with the help of a trained therapist, psychoeducation, and support groups. The addict will learn new healthy behaviors to replace the old, destructive behaviors. Treatment also involves the spouse or partner of the addict, helping to heal the hurt that comes from living with years of addiction.

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